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Who We Are

Who we are​

We are a self governing group of like-minded people from Bristol and beyond, working together within the legal framework of a Community Benefit Society (here is a link to our rules) to challenge the unaffordable housing market and the dual crises of climate breakdown and huge biodiversity loss.

We are co-creating a regenerative, systems thinking, community-led alternative.  We have a vision and a plan and are committed to doing everything we can to make our vision a reality. Working with the frameworks of ReSet (Regenerative Settlements), One Planet Living (Bioregional) and the principles of Doughnut Economics (Kate Raworth), we are bringing the Tiny House Movement to Bristol and the West of England.


The tiny house movement is a description for the architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes. There is currently no set definition as to what constitutes as a tiny house; however, a residential structure under 500 square feet (46 m2) is generally accepted to be a tiny home. The tiny house movement promotes financial prudence, eco-friendly choices, shared community experiences, and a shift in consumerism-driven mindsets.

Vision, Mission, Aims


We have co-created and adopted these 'Objects' as the bedrock of our organisation, to guide our thinking and the development of our Tiny House projects.  The contents were discussed and developed through a collaborate process open to all of our members and we reached agreement by consent. The content will be reviewed periodically.


We dream of a world where it is true that people dwell and thrive in inclusive and nourishing communities integrated into and participating in the wider living systems of the planet. 


To create regenerative places where people and nature coexist and evolve together to provide solutions to the housing, ecological and climate crises.


Land and Homes

  • Acquiring and managing a portfolio of sites within the West of England, removing them from the speculative market and protecting them for common good land uses; in particular for the creation of culturally and ecologically regenerative tiny house settlements that lift up those in housing need and steward the land. 

  • Acting as enablers and developers of: 

    • low-impact, nature-first, truly and permanently affordable homes for rental, shared ownership or owner occupation

    • integrated shared resources (e.g renewable energy, food, workspace, meeting space) with reference to co-housing principles

  • Collaborating with landowners and local businesses to source materials, labour and other resources from our bioregion 



  • Enabling the creation of diverse, inclusive, thriving communities that adhere to THCB principles using dynamic governance and power sharing structures at all scales across the organisation.

  • Keeping our collective visioning dynamic, in order to build our adaptive capacity and respond to the emerging future.


Learning and livelihoods

  • Providing opportunities for learning, skills and knowledge building and sharing which will enable members to pursue regenerative, purposeful and rewarding livelihoods.

  • Enabling direct involvement of residents, prospective residents and other members in the design and construction of homes and communal spaces.

  • Integrating reflective practice and ongoing evaluation into the work of the organisation to support our own and others’ learning. 

  • Committing to ongoing collective inquiry into the cultural and personal dimensions of, and solutions to, issues of inclusion and diversity. 



  • Increasing the social, ecological and economic value of the sites we manage or own to create collective sufficiency and generate benefits that will feed into other THCB projects.

Our Members

Our Members



"I am a firm believer in the collective power of community for tackling big issues. With a background in digital marketing, I help to manage the THCB website content & design and am acting secretary for the IT and general circles. Outside of THCB, I look after a community of sustainability changemakers in business, while studying full time for an Masters in Sustainability and Behaviour Change."



"I am the Founder and one of the Directors of Tiny House Community Bristol. I am passionate about joining the dots in a systems thinking way, to help create genuinely affordable regenerative places, where people and nature coexist and thrive together. I am also very interested in rediscovering peoples' relationship to the land and what it might mean to again become indigenous within the local bioregion."



"I'm fired up to evolve the THCB organism to further welcome people to find their place of power, influence and embodiment within the culture-scape. I'm partly responsible for implementing, educating and managing Sociocracy, a decentralised governance system, which centres empowerment, equivalence and consent within the organisational structure."



"I’ve always had a dream of designing and building my own home, whilst living in a community who share skills, space and resources. I’m interested in developing our sociocratic governance to support this. I help to ensure clear communication and organisation both internally and externally as we continue to develop our community."



"Heya folx! I'm Will, a warm, adventurous, fuzzy fella who loves to dance, DJ, play games and tippity tap away at computers. I joined THCB in 2019, helping out in Finance & Banking and IT & Comms circles."



"I’ve dived into a few circles in THCB but my biggest most exciting role is leading the Dreamocracy circle. I am fascinated by how we can use sociocratic self-governance to ensure all voices are heard, power is shared and we work together more effectively. It feels like we are already building a better world!"



"I can see and feel that THCB is already changing the way ordinary people can think about the present and the future - that magic can happen when we come together. I'm focussed on changing attitudes and approaches to land use (as we heal nature, nature heals us). I have a planning degree, run a national urban agroecology project and am a director of THCB"



"I am involved with THCB to explore Tiny Living by actively contributing to the regeneration of our Planet Earth and to learn how to live as a part of the community. I am interested in testing and creating social-support structures, regenerative design as well as in learning more about sociocracy, communication, regenerative culture and holistic approaches to healthy living."



"I'm a THCB Director, hoping to support THCB with my experience as a board member & trustee of various arts organisations. As a former touring circus artist, living & working in communities is something I love. I have been really impressed with the vision, ethos and motivation of the people involved in THCB; it is true grass roots community, committed to finding concrete solutions to the current housing crisis."



"I've been interested in community living since I was young, fascinated by the courage it takes to live outside society's expectations and forge a path that works for those involved. I love the idea of building a community that works together towards sustainability and creating a better world for us all, encouraging growth and learning personally and collectively. I'm excited to support the work of THCB to join with others to share skills and ideas and develop beautiful communities of tiny homes that promote resilience in these challenging times."



"Head, heart and hands, I am conductive of powerful creative energy that allows me to generate innovative solutions especially in building and craft. Practical skills, love of problem solving and training in architectural design, combined with experience of living off-grid in self- built homes, enables me to work towards an inspiring vision of the future that involves living with the land and in flow with nature."

Kenny McCarthy_July21_square.jpg


"I long to make the world more alive and work with individuals, groups, and systems to catalyse transformative change. I’m a facilitator, programme manager, systems change practitioner, and trainee Core Process Psychotherapist. I have a 10-year career in social change and am currently Programme and Partnership lead for the Food, Farming and Countryside." Commission, a freelance facilitator, and a member of Community Psychology for THCB."



"My name is Sachin, I am an Artist and Researcher working and living in Bristol. I have been drawn to the tiny house philosophy for a long-time now, combining minimalist, community and natural living. Current developers build houses with regard to efficiency of cost. As social animals we need space to connect to our community as well as nature, this is imperative for health and happy living, which the current design does not accommodate."



"I've lived in Bristol for around 15 years, currently in south Bristol. I work as a freelance gardener and also part-time at an independent garden centre. I'm also a keen allotment gardener - I love growing fruit, vegetables and cut flowers, meeting fellow growers and participating in community events on the allotments. I joined THCB because I want to explore alternatives to the mainstream housing system and be part of a project and movement that is bigger than myself. I hope to be a resident in Sea Mills because I'm very interested in living in a community with others and in a way that is kind to people and our world."



 "I am a father of two young 'Seamillian' children for whom I would like to build a more cooperative and emotionally connected world. I believe the THCB project is a great way to make it happen. I was born and educated in France as a mechanical engineer and now fit kitchens so I try to bring as much practical skills and understanding as I can to the community and I will hopefully help with managing our community workshop once the Sea Mills site comes to fruition."

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