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Plans for the UK's first tiny house regenerative settlement in Sea Mills, Bristol.

Tiny House Community Bristol wants to develop the former ‘Matrix’ site in Sea Mills to help people access high quality, affordable, deeply sustainable new small homes that meet their needs within an intentional community.

2222_THCB North Site concept (cropped).jpg

Site Layout: North Site

Public Consultation

We want to thank everyone who attended our consultation events. Your insights, questions and stories have helped us to further shape the plans of this incredible project, thank you. We've developed the below FAQs from the many questions that came from the public consultation. If you have questions that are not answered in our FAQ, please contact us by emailing

Here is a link to our most current FAQs about this project. Please familiarise yourself with these before getting in touch.

We look forward to inviting Sea Mills residents to join us for a final consultation in February to hear further details from our architects and other professionals working on the project. A date for this will be confirmed and shared in advance, so stay tuned.

The Site


The proposed site at Sea Mills is made up of two areas of land on the former training centre known as ‘Matrix’. It was in the past used for construction skills training and is now looked after by residential guardians. Some of the open space has been looked after by neighbours under garden licenses with the Council. This area will continue to be a shared garden and food growing area in keeping with it's heritage. 

In 2020, Bristol City Council invited THCB to bid for the land, and have made us ‘preferred bidder’. Due to our values, ideas, approach and vision, we have been given the opportunity to develop these Matrix sites.

Sea Mills - The Site.png

Existing site plan with the proposed area for potential development outlined in red.

The proposal is for:

  • Approximately 14 new homes

  • Accompanying communal facilities and

  • A shared garden.

We hope to include a small zero-waste / refill shop, co-
working space, a community kitchen, and a small event

The intention is to build around 10 homes on the north
site and 4 self-build tiny homes on the south site. It will predominantly be a mix of 1 and 2 bedrooms to help with the housing diversity of Sea Mills.
Both sites have very narrow roads leading to them, and due to access challenges, and in response to existing parking issues on The Crescent, we are proposing a car-free development (with one parking space onsite for a fully accessible home). Alternative transport
proposals are being explored, including a car club scheme and secure manual and electric bicycle storage and charging.

The Proposal

2222_THCB Concept.jpg

Accessible homes in a beautiful, productive shared garden

Initial Site Layouts

North Site
The approach on the North site is to take down the existing buildings, retaining as much of the materials for reuse as we can, and re-build on the same footprints, with the same courtyard arrangement. Some of he new buildings will likely be a maximum of 1.5 storeys high.

2222_THCB North Site concept (cropped).jpg

Site Layout: North Site

South Site
The South site is currently a disused area of tarmac, which was formerly used as parking for the Matrix. It is surrounded by houses on all sides, has a narrow access.  Our plan is for it to be used for Self-Build or ‘Self-Finish’ homes which are smaller in scale. A communal building and food growing spaces are to be incorporated as part of this site.

2222_THCB_South Site Concept (cropped).jpg

Site Layout: South Site

Design Ideas

We have explored a design approach that responds to the local character, site constraints, sustainability and affordability ambitions, but we would like to hear your ideas.
Ideas so far:

  • The proposed 1.5 storey asymmetric roof shape comes from the surrounding houses.

  • The homes will have low eaves (gutter level) to all boundaries, with no windows facing outwards, so there will be no more overlooking to existing surrounding homes and gardens than at present.

  • The homes are being designed to reuse materials from the existing buildings.

  • Roofs face south to capture solar energy.

  • Rainwater will be collected and stored for use on site.

  • Plants will grow on structures connected to the homes.

  • Rooflights will provide light to the rear rooms (bathrooms and stairs).

  • Gardens and open spaces will be shared for growing food.

See our Stage 2 (Concept Design) report from Barefoot Architects here.

2222_Complete Overview (cropped).jpg

Site Layout: Overview

Have Your Say

We are keen to consult with and fully involve the community at each stage of the design process before finalising a proposal and submitting a planning application, which we hope to do by Spring 2023.


Please keep giving us your feedback at this feedback link.

Further consultation

Though our initial consultation period has come to a close, we look forward to holding a final consultation event on site in February 2023. Details of this will be confirmed in the new year, and invitations will be sent to all local residents. 

THCB will also continue to attend various meetings and events in the community. We hope to attend the monthly Repair Café sessions at the Methodist Church. We welcome any other suggestions and invitations. 

We look forward to getting your feedback. 

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