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Apply to join as a THCB Member

Become a member

Tiny House Community Bristol (THCB) is a 'Community Benefit Society (CBS). To be a member of Tiny House Community Bristol means you support our vision, mission and aims.

As a THCB member you will:

  • Have the opportunity to stand to be a member of THCB's Board which has up to 12 members.

  • Act as guardians of the objects of the CBS and promote its interests - see our Vision, Mission and Aims here.

  • Agree to receive regular news, events information, invites to participate in member research, and ad-hoc newsflashes

  • Agree to provide membership information as requested, in the knowledge that any personal information you share with us will be treated in accordance with GDPR regulations.

  • Join us at the AGM every year.

  • Become a volunteer or potential future resident.

Membership Application Form

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