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Tiny House Community Bristol

'Individual Sufficiency, Collective Abundance'

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What is THCB all about?

Tiny House Community Bristol is a registered Community Benefit Society, formed by a grassroots group of driven people who are pioneering a socially and environmentally regenerative housing movement for all.


We are dedicated to tackling Bristol's housing, climate and ecological crises through community-led Tiny House settlements and we put nature and community at the heart of everything we do.

Our vision and mission

We dream of a world where it is true that people dwell and thrive in inclusive and nourishing communities, integrated into and participating in the wider living systems of the planet. 

To do this, we intend to create regenerative places where people and nature coexist and evolve together, to provide solutions to the housing, ecological and climate crises.

Spade in the ground in a woodland glade

Latest News & Announcements

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