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Member spotlight: Sam

Why are you interested in being part of THCB?

Being a part of THCB was the catalyst for my career-change from digital marketing to studying sustainability, so I owe a lot of gratitude to this wonderful organisation for giving me the confidence to make the move. Being a part of THCB has helped me to recognise the power of collective action in achieving great things, much more so than I ever could imagine achieving alone. The support network and shared mission of THCB has helped me immeasurably throughout the trials of 2020.

How long have you been involved?

I have been a member of the THCB working group since December 2018, taking a more active role in IT & Comms throughout 2019/20 as our Sociocracy circles started to become more coherent.

What skills do you bring to the organisation?

Writing of all kinds (creative, journalistic, professional, academic), digital design, information management, sustainability & operational strategy, member journey mapping, research surveys, academic research, professional relationship management, digital interaction and engagement

What skills would you like to learn?

I would like to improve my group facilitation skills in a personal and professional context - as well as develop practical land management and permaculture skills. I would also like to learn woodwork - which is probably quite important for building tiny houses

What Circles are you in and why are you involved with them?

I am mostly active in the IT & Communications circle, as this was the closest match for my skill set and where I felt like I could help the most.

Our website and online presence is the first point-of-contact for so many people interested in our project and our journey, so I feel privileged in helping our organisation to have a voice and be heard.

Why do you want to build and live in a tiny house?

I believe that the UK housing market is no longer fit for purpose, with housing prices and mortgage debt rendering it inaccessible for many. Rather than engaging with a system that I believe is broken, I would like to secure land and build a low-impact low-budget tiny house, so that I can be financially independent and spend more time focusing on learning new skills and enjoying the great outdoors. To be doing this alongside others in a community is a dream come true.

What is your vision for THCB?

Tiny House Community Bristol is far greater than the sum of its parts. It is not just an organisation based in Bristol, it is part of a wider movement that recognises the need for a housing system that works for everyone - as well as for the planet. While we are learning as we go, I also see THCB as pioneering a model of community-led housing that future organisations can replicate, to create a network of socially and environmentally regenerative co-housing communities across Bristol, the UK and beyond.


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