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Member Spotlight: Will Robinson

Members are asked to answer some pre-set questions, letting us all get a bit more insight into the people who are behind Tiny House Community Bristol. THCB is made up of people of varying ages from a diverse range of backgrounds, bringing a variety of interests, skills and knowledge to our community.

This month we meet Will Robinson...

Age: 33 and two thirds

From: Wellington, Somerset

Home for me now is: A house share with friends in Bedminster

What do you do as part of THCB?

I've been part of THCB for 4 years now. It's been a blessing to be part of it, and I really hope the benefits will be reaped. In the beginning, I was part of the creation of circles, and meeting and working on some land we have access to. But since we've solidified as an organisation I've settled into two main roles - accountant, and tech person. I like these backroom jobs and I'm glad to have found a niche in the organisation that I will hopefully keep.

What attracts you most to community-led housing?

Since moving out of my family home I've always lived with friends, and I've always enjoyed there being someone to hang out with most nights in the communal space. When I've had the opportunity, I've really appreciated communal meals too. Both of these things mean that I fulfil social needs without needing to go anywhere or change my routine, perfect!

What do you feel passionate about at the moment?

Looking after myself while I'm going through a very difficult Master's year at university. This includes sports - I've been enjoying playing for a 6-a-side football team (even though I hate the football scene!), squash, and playing competitive pool and snooker - just recently I was part of a national snooker championship-winning team playing for my university! These hobbies and exercise have allowed me to push through my years at university, especially important in my final year which is a lot of work and stress.

What's your favourite Bristol venue for socialising?

The Gryphon! I don't go there much as I'm not much of a pub person, but as a big metalhead, this is my go-to, especially in the centre of town. I can usually go there and find someone I know to chat with, or a gig in the tiny upstairs room to enjoy a boogie, too!

If you could have any pet, what would it be?

A cat! They like cuddles but are very independent and don't need to be supported as much as a dog! I need my own space a lot so cats are purrfect ;)

If you were to host a workshop, what skill would you be capable of sharing with others?

Chess. I have been playing all my life, including competitively. I think this is a great one to teach as strategies can always be taught at all skill levels, checkmates to teach, and games to analyse. I would choose this over pool (which I'm probably better at) because I think pool is more to do with practice, although there are some strategies that can be taught.


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